Berryville Graphics History

Berryville Graphics (BVG) is one of the largest, fully automated, hardcover and softcover book manufacturers in the United States. A leader in book manufacturing, BVG maintains a steadfast commitment to exceptional quality, superior customer service, and a network of workable solutions for your project.

All jobs that enter BVG are analyzed in advance to determine the best-suited technology for that particular project. From digital composition and print-on-demand to full pre-press and printing capabilities, BVG has the right system - and the expertise - to manufacture a wide range of hardcover and softcover book products.

BVG produces nearly 120 million books each year at its manufacturing facility in Berryville, VA
Berryville Graphics is one important part of BE Printers America,  a division of Bertelsmann AG, a worldwide corporation with expertise in entertainment, publishing, printing and distribution.
Within the Bertelsmann Organization, Berryville Graphics offers full service printing and manufacturing capabilities throughout the world. As an international service provider, BE Printers sees extraordinary opportunities in the major trend to digitization, service orientation and globalization and offers its customers individual solutions for organizing communications, logistics and electronic media systems.
Berryville Graphics is an ISO certified company, and is very committed to this worldwide standard of excellence, which underlines and recognizes their dedication to manufacturing the highest quality products and providing the best possible services and solutions in the industry.
Berryville Graphics is headquartered in the historic northern Virginia town of Berryville and serves the needs of its customers from its beautiful Shenandoah Valley location.
With significant investment backing from Bertelsmann throughout the years, BVG has been able to solidify their position in the marketplace allowing for their current state-of-the-art full service book manufacturing capabilities to be among the best in the industry.
From its Virginia facility, Berryville Graphics can produce 120 million trade books annually and has pioneered the two-up printing technology with correct grain binding production.
Over the years, many industry awards have been given to Berryville Graphics for their performance ranging from customer support and safety to outstanding pre-press, printing and binding capabilities.

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