Frequently Asked Questions

Some of Coral's largest Publishing customers are Random House, Penguin Putnam, Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, Hachette, John Wiley and many many more.  On the Commercial end, we work with Loreal Professional, Maybelline, Sony, Funimation, just to name a few in a very impressive group.
The different types of proofing we offer are inkjet proofs, contract proofs, PDF proofs (soft proofs), HP proofs and press proofs.  We also simulate PMS colors in proofs which are called Recipe Kodaks.  This gives the customer a good understanding of what the job will look like on press using the PMS colors they choose.  Recipe kodak's are not always the best option.  It all depends on the project which will be the best proofing option to choose.
Since all projects are different in their own way, there is not a set answer to this question as many factors lead to accurately giving correct turn around times.  From the time a job gets OK'd by the customer, we usually would need at least five working days to complete the job.  The more passes a job gets, for instance foil/embossing/trimming/folding, etc the turn times get slightly longer.  There are always exceptions and Coral Graphics usually does whatever is necessary to satisfy their customers and deliver the project when it is needed.
We usually have a minimum print run of 1,000 units but there can be exceptions to this rule.
The largest sheet size for printing is a 40" sheet
The Answer is YES.  We will be happy to have you at any one of our facilities to see your projects get printed first hand to make sure everything goes as smoothly as you would expect.  While you are at our plant, we would be happy to offer you a tour of our plant as well. 
Send an email to [email protected] and be sure to leave your name and number and specific specs the job requires and they will get back to you in a timely fashion.
Yes, we can order any stock you are looking to use for your project and print on it.  Environmental stock, uncoated stock, coated 2 side stock are just some of the stocks we print with regularly.
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