Products and Services

Coral Graphics Services, Inc is the premier printer of book components, printing some of the most recognizable books jackets, covers, and inserts.  Along with these book components, Coral Graphics also manufactures some outstanding commercial work as well which include but are not limited to sales brochures, marketing materials, posters, CD and DVD inserts/trays/folders and cartons.
Coral's advanced telecommunications technology provides a solution to satisfy our customers needs. Our transmission department facilitates digital communications between Coral’s three locations by use of Point to Point T1 lines. Plate ready files are transmitted to the manufacturing location that will best suit our customers’ production schedules. Customers can also use our digital networks for file transfer, resulting in a more efficient and timely exchange of data.
With clients nationwide, Coral continually looks for innovative ways to streamline the steps between your project’s concept and completion. Through our unique digital soft proofing and remote proofing processes we can instantaneously transmit content proofs via one of three telecommunication services. That means quicker turnaround, in less time and more time for you to do what’s most important... running your business.
  • Digitally integrated pre-press
  • Computer to plate capabilities
  • Multicolor printing-up to 10 colors in-line with aqueous coatings 
  • Advanced finishing services, including spot UV and film laminations (gloss, matte and textured)
  • Special inks: metallic, oxybind, high definition, hexachrome, pearlized, and dayglo
  • Special technical effects such as die cutting, folding, stitching, gluing and perfing
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